Thursday, February 04, 2010

finna follow in crystal's footsteps and get my shortstoryfiction thang in action...

working title, "rapunzel beatbox, bookstore clerk"

- the hell if i know what that means right now, but sounds damn fresh to me.

i got the book cover done tho!

crissy's been talknabout her novel almost being done for 3 years, but at least in her case she actually HAS 43,000 words down on paper... i've just got half a opening sentence written on a 3" grocery receipt currently going through the spin cycle in the wash machine...


such is the life of a writer-in-his-own-mind™


  1. LOL... I can totally relate to your interesting title!!

  2. yeah, i've truly been lazy concerning my arts+crafts... time to 'get on my giddy-up' (as the oldfolks useta say)