Wednesday, April 07, 2010


i've got a used copy of XALA on hold at my gig at morgan adams bookstore... me and Crys
rented the film from netflix a few months ago and i'm eager to check out the literary version.

the film below is the first installment of
a work in progress by jason silverman - - featuring
Sembene Ousmane as the subject... it's incomprehensible to me how black art and literature
can be discussed in america without mentioning the works of our african counterparts either
living on the continent or living elsewhere... but to paraphrase what the video is about and
what i'm always saying to every ear that will listen:

more than with guns, whoever controls a peoples' narrative controls that people.

SEMBENE! chapter 1, 2-20-10 version from jason silverman on Vimeo.

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