Monday, November 08, 2010

"my students are full of shit"

branford marsalis speaks the truth...


  1. This was my issue with many of my creative writing workshops (and journalism classes). None of us were writing masterpieces, but it seemed very little constructive criticism was expressed aloud from student to student or from professor to student. It is hard to self-evaluate without some input from a trusted mentor or peer. Additionally, it's hard to get work out into the world if you're not a member of at least one winking circle.

    Complacent, complicit, and non-critical acceptance is also my gripe about arts industries overall (specifically, music recording). Everyone has a preference of what "good" is, but everything seems diluted in terms of the level of work put into projects, artistic merit of the final products, and impact on audiences.

  2. the trusted mentor or peer is a rare commodity; hold them sacred whenever you acquire one!