Thursday, January 14, 2010

ambsr. raymond joseph/rachel maddow on pat robertson

i was avoiding pat robertson's comments all day - he's always maintained a high position on ignorance, so i knew whatever his comments had been where invalid by his very nature. you cant dismiss the attitudes of stupidity, thats not how progress is gained, but i do choose to ignore him as a person/as someone i expect the worst of and therefore hold his every opinion in extreme low regards.

but crys was wanting to know and i overheard pat spilling from her laptop... he's an idiot.

and because we had missed keith olberman and racahel maddow's reactions, she looked up their responses on youtube - this video is a short clip from haitian ambassador Raymond Joseph responding to pat's "insider-intel"

5/3 bank has a haitian relief fund... i'm sure there are tons of others online: PLEASE, DONATE DIRECTLY TO THE ORGANIZATIONS YOU TRUST BECAUSE BULLSHITTERS LOVE A HUMAN CRISIS!

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