Saturday, January 23, 2010

two dope boys in a cadillac -

one from rome... the other from stax... what funky is!
as a writer and artist, i cant help but be deeply intrigued by the creativity of these songs...
Adriano Celentano mustabeen on LSD.
Brotha Ike was proly high on ham sandwiches (laced with lsd)... ...whatever the case, i want summa it!
 i've never been high, but i think i've been missing out.

(is 'the green movement' the closest thing we have to having a 'counter-culture'? does what's left of true hip-hop and punk rock still count as subversive cultures? is 'american gothic' a republican subdivision?)

where have all the bellbottoms gone?
(and if you say old navy, ima smack the shit outta you!) 

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