Sunday, January 17, 2010

a blues for sepia

- for 'medicine for melancholy'

we watch theatrics with muted vision
our brown limbs weaving in weaving out
breathing in each other's brown brown.

dark skins in soft discussion
without us/claiming love/absorbing love
radiating a claimed love observed.

maybe i'm high. or maybe its the heat.
or the ancestral ashes rising up
from the ocher colored camel uterus

center-stage upon our mantle.
or the unopened mail calling
subconsciously to us from the void...

all i know is
this poem makes as much sense
as this netflix does.

i'm wanting breakfast
i pray for haiti
i hold you/and hope for sleep.


i really shouldnt slander 'medicine for melancholy', i really did enjoy it... it grew on me... is still growing on me. there is social commentary made throughout it, but the focal point steadily remains on the couple at hand and how they deal (or choose not to deal) with the development of their relationship. or non-relationship. everyone has been there... you dig someone, you go out, you wonder if there's anything there and if it will work. or how long it will work before it sours...
subconsciously, i think we all look forward to our relationships souring - i think thats a direct reflection on societal expectations between people. its not even a sign of maturity levels, its just the standard coping mechanism we employ because we secretly go into new relationships cursed with a deeply rooted pessimism. this is 'love' in the 21st century.
(dont sweat it, im not giving any of the movie away... i've kinda rambled away from it)

((rambling back))

the movie was cool... much better than 'avatar'.

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