Wednesday, January 06, 2010

a new year's new yeah, yeah, yeahs...

its like 4milliono'clock in the morning and here i still is... turnin' gold into rubbish.
a hundred years ago, i'd still be nursing a new years eve hangover a week later. but ima old man  now.
i bought a six pack of bottled beer, my last official act of 2009... as of january 6, 2010 - i still have FIVE left!

not only am i an old man... i'm pitiful at it.
seriously, tho... im one of those fools who proclaim to look forward to the aging process. i look forward to having my locks go gray all to hell, dragging behind me as i hoveround through-out the house... i watch my grandkids get the fuck outta the way as my father luges, careens and ransacks his own motorized wheelchair through his kitchen... its funny; its just a matter of time before he squashes a hapless toddler/crushes a limb/puts an eye out... its all on the horizon.  god bless the little children...

sigh... such is life.

anyway, planning my monthly facebook and twitter log-in sometime today. i really just caint get into those fads trends... at least myspace allowed me to prominently feature my visual art and graphic design skills; these new social trends are all about 'the daily diary entry'. shit, i dont even read my own diary... i hafta fake mustering the interest in checking the postings of my online acquaintances. where are the social networks for us anti-socialists?

this feigning interest in your daily updates is killing my malaise, seriously... it should be mutual.
if it aint, you need medicines.

blogging is so much better... its really a craft that needs to be re-elevated/re-evaluated.
i run a journal, i write, i subscribe to magazines, i make art that starves me, i have dishes to do... maaaan, i aint got time to twitter! (that'd make a great line for a tshirt... i can see jesse 'the body' ventura saying that line in a predator remake)


okay, obviously this is a hodge-podge blog... a menage-a-blog, if you will. a digital dialog undedicated to theme, stream or consciousness. this blog could run for president...  i'm working on the campaign buttons as we speak!


these are my resolutions for 2010, you saw it here first:

1. finish those five remaining miller geniune drafts in the fridge before it achieves fermentation-metamorphosis.

2. officially claim a new nba team. after 30 years i stopped being a 76ers fan after iverson left; i'm even less enthused since his return to the team. i abhor all western conference squads with a behemothing vengence; there is bile and vomit and venom in my dislike for the west... i really admired the detroit pistons during their championship runs, but there's been nothing remotely like them since then... cant never ever ever see myself cheering for a celtic either. if necessary, the sixers will win out by default.

3. blog better. starting next time.

4. mesmerize random house into publishing my unpublishable shit.

5. buy a new cd, either genre, old school jazz or underground west coast hip hop. i'd been forced to relinquish the 'hip hop guru' moniker a few years ago... i'd like to earn it back; the industries been in shambles since i stepped down.

6. go vegan! vegetarian! ...vegetarian-ish... eat more vegetables.

7. read more on-paper work. my new gig is at a used bookstore; this should be a piece of cake.

8. start exhibiting my artwork again... 2008 ended on such a great high, followed by winning a prestigious award in '09 based from the work produced in '08. but other than that achievement, i went dormant last year. for 2010, im coming out hard ISWAIRBEFOCHEESE...

9. be more outgoing... (ack, huaaaaarrraaaaccckkk... cack-cack!) ... excuse me, had something in my throat.

10. actually go out and celebrate my birthday (JANUARY 21st!) ... birthdays were always ignored in my household when i was growing up (more a matter of math than indifference; me, mama and 3 sisters have birthdays immediately following christmas - christmas was a birthday-catchall).

11, read my work openly. on a stage. with a microphone. in a bar/club/cafe. with people in it.

at least eight of these resolutions will be abandoned by february. put your money down early and often.

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